Fusion 101

Fusion 101
Fusion 101

Fusion 101

March 10, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – March 31, 2017 @ 1:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Fusion101Event Resident



~ Fusion 101 Guidelines & Info ~

* Application to be sent to Fusion101Event Resident

*Original Mesh and Unique/Creative Template use is welcome
* Monthly Participation Fee – 1000L
* Prim Allowance – 30
* Sponsor Booths Fee (8 available)- 2000L (located at landing point)
* Sponsor Prim Allowance – 50
* Event Duration – Opens 1pm SLT on the 10th to the first day of each month

Who Can Participate?

* Home/Garden
* Hair designers
* Skin/Shapes
* Makeup/Nails
* Fashion Apparel / Shoes
* Jewelry
* Fantasy Items
* Gacha


~ Guidelines ~

* Payment is due by the 1st of each month
* At least 1 EXCLUSIVE must be submitted. (NO recolors) it must be only available at Fusion 101 for the duration of the cycle.
* No multi-vendor boards allowed.
* At least 1 items are to be priced 101 L or lower
* No group joiners
* LM giver allowed.
* Exclusive item(s) ONLY!
* No duplicate templates are to be used
* All items must be kept within the allotted booth space
* We encourage quality when designing, No simple *coloring* of templates will be accepted into the . round
* No textures purchased from texture makers are allowed
* Event Opens 10th of each month at 1pm Slt.
* Event runs 10th of the month to the 1st of the following month
* Set up starts 6th of Month to the 9th.

We not only welcome template users, we encourage them. As a template user we know your textures are often hand drawn and superior to others. We hope to help you showcase and shine your originality at Fusion 101.

We believe in you and support you ..all content creators in Sl.



Please be creative and unique in your use of templates. If we begin to see too many designers using the same templates we will have to apply more rules to keep the
content fresh.

Although you may feel it is unnecessary, it will benefit the customer as well as the designer. There are many huge events for Original Mesh Only.

This event was created to show the SL Community just how unique and talented our template users really are. Proving we ARE a VIABLE and Important group of SL content creators with lots to offer creatively.

Many customers biggest complaint is walking through an event and seeing the SAME template used 5 times.

** How can we help in showcasing the high skill and unique creativity of Template Use?***

1. By making your own textures. (several designers hand paint or create their textures making an item original)
2. By using elements of several templates to create a fresh original outfit. (ie. top from one skirt from another jacket from etc)
3. Quality Vendor/Advert Photos.


Info regarding Original Mesh
Just because it is original does not mean it is quality
A few guidelines are in place for Original Mesh too

1. No mesh items brought in from 3D websites will be allowed (ie turbosquid , renderosity etc)
(yes we know them all and do check) This is against SL TOS and simply will not be allowed.

Bringing someone elses 3D objects calling them your own is NOT your own Original Mesh.
2. Please make sure your rigging and TEXTURING is quality and on point. Just because you made it again does not make it quality..


Fusion 101 is an event to showcase the unique and beautiful creations that both Original and Template users bring to SL. We don’t care if we are a huge event, Just that we are quality.

Any additional questions not covered here are welcome to be submitted via NC to [email protected]

We welcome you to the creative and fun future of shopping events.

Alianna Logan Administrator

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